I’m no scientist so I cannot tell you how a Math teacher fell in love with writing and does an excellent job at both. Christine McLean knows how to write for money. She has been a Math teacher at the secondary level for many years and is now using her love for writing to attract international clients on freelance platforms in her spare time (not that teachers have spare time really).

In this week’s Boss Teacher Podcast episode, find out

  • how Christine learned her writing skills
  • how she used it to make extra money while still teaching full time
  • where she got her first writing job
  • how she used freelancing to scale her business
  • how you can still write for money online even if you don’t have internet access at home
  • the importance of many teaching skills that she is using in her business today
  • the importance of continuous learning to help build
  • the first steps to take when you are starting out as a freelancer (this alone is worth the 30-minute episode)

There are some valuable lessons that Christine has learned along the way and she freely shares those on this episode of the Boss teacher Podcast. She has a few strategies up her sleeves as well.

So Christine has 2 business, 1 full-time job and she is studying for her Master’s Degree. How in the world, does she do it all? She shares why she sets her priorities to ensure that she stays on track with everything and maintain her motivation.

Christine is also aiming to grow her business to make it sustainable full-time. We’re here to cheer her on.  Connect with her and learn from her and get started on any freelance platform today!

Leave a comment and let us know your favourite takeaway from anything that Christine said.

Write for money today!


Christine’s Details

Christine McLean, CEO and Founder

CEM Writing Services and Success Lifestyle Magazine

CEM Writing Services provides articles, blogs, eBooks writing and content marketing plan creation services for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence. Success Lifestyle Magazine, a subsidiary of CEM Writing Services, creates content meant to nurture the Jamaican entrepreneurial spirit, provide useful advice for succeeding as a Jamaican business owner, feature Jamaican entrepreneurs with inspiring stories and be the go-to source for business development strategies.

Visit Christine’s websites at cemwritingservices.com and successlifestylemagazine.com


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