Once you plan to build an online business, you need your own online presence – a website. This will be the base from which you operate.

Building a website these days is faaaaar less complicated than is used to be a decade ago. For the non-techie you can literally build a professionally looking website with just a few clicks of a mouse – no coding required.

You can code your way to a pretty awesome and unique looking website but if you’re not that technical, here’s what you will need.



  1.   Domain name:

The domain name is basically your website address. www.juliaobarnes.com or www.abc.xyz are examples of domain names.

You can get domain names from Namecheap or HostGator

cupão-namecheap (1)Namecheap – The cheapest most reliable site for purchasing a domain names and hosting packages name for your website. This is where I purchase all my domains from.

host-gatorHostGator – If nothing else I love the customer service from HostGator. They were never frustrated with me when I asked silly non-techie questions. They held my hand through the entire process. Payment plans are flexible and they also offer monthly discounts for first time users.


  1. Web hosting:

In order for your site to be visible to the world, it needs to be hosted on a server. A lot of the technical aspects of your website are stored and retrieved from this server. You must purchase and install a hosting package in order for your website to go live on the internet.

You can get hosting packages from Namecheap and HostGator as well.


  1. Content Management:

A content management platform does as the name suggests – manages your content. This allows you to publish and edit blog posts, create pages for your website, add various media, create links to other content on the internet and so much more. The best content management platform on the internet is WordPress.org.

wordpressorg (1)WordPress.org – Not to be confused with wordpress.com, this is the ultimate and simplest platform to build your website and manage your content especially if you have little or no IT/tech skills.


  1. Theme:

“A theme is a unified set of design elements and color schemes that you apply to your website to give it a consistent and attractive appearance. Using a theme is a quick and easy way to add interest to your website and give it a professional look.” (Source)

These elements can include

  • colours
  • graphic placements
  • styles such as fonts and headings
  • overall layout of your site
  • the type of navigation

A theme covers everything that has to do with the look and feel of your website. You can always change your theme or make adjustments to it if you don’t quite like how your website is looking. These are my two favourite places to get awesome themes.

WordPress.org – Both free and premium themes are available from the WordPress platform. Once you install your website on a hosting server, you will have and option in wordpress to select your theme.

themeforest-13a6de99a001d6ba0ff2164b33c9ac5e (1)Themeforest –They have the widest and best selection of themes on the internet to help you get the look you want on your website. This is my honest opinion after trying maybe more than 20 other platforms. The marketplace has tons of other digital products you can integrate on your site as well.



30 Day List Building Challenge – Nathalie Lussier guides you through 30 simple but powerful strategies to grow your email list. Did I mention this is FREE!

Canva-Logo-1sl8kwaCanva – Amazingly simply graphic design even for me. Canva is absolutely free to use and it only costs you $1 if you choose to use any of their images. All the graphics on this website are made in Canva and it didn’t cost me anything.


ConvertKit –  My favourite email management It is simple to use and has a some very important features to help you grow and customize your email list.

Dropbox-LogoDropbox – Store your important files and documents in the cloud and access them from anywhere.


google-analytics-metrics1Google Analytics – Track visitor engagement on your website. This data helps you to make major decisions about your business.

mailchimpMailchimp – Email marketing management service to build your list. You start off with a free account for up to 2,000 subscribers.

paypalPaypal – Accept and send payments over the internet from almost anywhere in the world.

Payoneer_Logo_(w_400)Payoneer – If you live outside of the US, you can request money from US companies and have full access to your funds from your local ATM using one Master debit card which Payoneer gives you.


popupallyPopupAlly Pro – I hate popups on any website but this popup is different. You can customize it to be as polite as ever so it won’t annoy your visitors’ browsing experience.


Smart Slider – You see the slider that slides out from the bottom left hand corner of this website. It alerts your visitors of various different offers that you have and it also includes social shares.

skype-logo-feb_2012_rgb_500Skype – Video calls and instant messaging on the go. Create a free Skype account using your name or your business name and have unlimited calls and messages.