“Think about what you are great at and make use of it. Pour out and let’s leave earth empty.”

-Nadia Nembhard-Hunt

Grab a book; grab a pen or pencil to take notes because you’re going to need it in order to teach overseas with ease!

Woman of Faith, author, entrepreneur, world traveler and full-time teacher Mrs. Nadia Nembhard-Hunt has traveled the world teaching and shares ways that you to do the same. She has taught in England, Rome, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, Canada and she is on her way to Cuba next.

Believe me, Nadia does not hold back in sharing information she thinks will help. She shares how she has helped teachers find teaching jobs when they migrate as well as she assists in placing teachers in English teaching jobs online.

You will also learn

  • resume tips and how you can adapt to suit the specifications of the country that you are living in.
  • How she can assist you with getting a job when you are ready to teach overseas
  • Insight into how she manages a full-time job, an education consulting business, ministering in her organization and marketing her books with a family of 6
  • How she was inspired to write and publish her first book
  • The first step in becoming a consultant. Hint, it has something to do with your passion
  • How to find clients for your education consultancy
  • What is the number one social media tip that can get an audience

She has a very special gift for you if you want to learn how to get certified to teach English as a Foreign Language

It is impossible for you to listen to this entire episode and not feel encouraged. Enjoy!!!



Get Certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language with

Guest Details

Mrs. Nadia Nembhard-Hunt

Founder and CEO,  EASE Education Consultancy

Providing advice, coaching and modernization or adaptation of resumes and cover letters depending on the region. Providing coaching for educators looking to migrate to Canada and attaining a teaching licenese in Ontario. Provide interview coaching for teachers.

Call: +14162784028

Email: easeeducationconsultancy@gmail.com

Facebook: EASE Education Consultancy



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