If you are a creative person at heart and looking to start your own creative business, this is definitely the podcasts you need to listen to!

We met over salon talk and quite appropriate for this creative who is my guest on this week’s Boss Teacher podcast. Nicole Richards started out in the classroom as a visual arts teacher while dabbling into making jewelry, handbags and a few other creative expressions. So if you are a creative person at heart and looking to start your own creative business, this is definitely the podcasts for you to listen to.

In true boss teacher style, you have to – I mean really have to hear the funniest thing that has ever happened to her in the classroom. Hint, it has something to do with breaking wind. DWL!!!



She shares how she got the inspiration to start styling hair from as early as 10 years old, how the income from offering hairstyling as a door-to-door services helped to put her through high school and college, why she decided to leave the classroom and turn her side hustle into her full-time business, some of the key business lesson she learned during that process, how she got her first clients, the strategies she uses today that keeps her clients coming back to her, and her best advice for you who really wants to start your own creative business.

  • If you don’t think that you can even find the time for a side hustle, listen!
  • If you don’t think you have any skill, listen!
  • If you think you have to suffer from anxiety and insomnia forever, listen!
  • If you lack confidence that you can run a business, listen!
  • If you think now is not the time to start your own creative business, listen!
  • If you think you don’t know enough to get started, listen!

I guarantee that you are going to laugh, nod, sigh, clap and maybe even cry during this episode because she touches on some key points that are so real to almost every teacher I know.

Make no mistake! Even though Nicole is no longer teaching full-time, she loves teaching and still wants to incorporate teaching in her life and business in the future.

By the way, there is a very special discount towards the end that Nicole is offering exclusively to you boss teacher!



Let us Know 

How has this episode helped to transform your mindset about how you can use your innate skills to create an income. Share in the comments and inspire other teachers like you.


Nicole’s Details

Mrs. Nicole D Richards

Managing Director, Zuberi Hair & Beauty

Providing the best in natural hair care and protective styles in a cool relaxed environment.

For Appointments: 1 (876) 829-5242



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