Shian is a special educator working at the secondary level. She works with teachers, students parents, and principals to ensure that students with learning disabilities are properly catered to the classroom.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. why she decided to turn her passion for teaching into a business
  2. transition from being a classroom teacher to a tutor and start tutoring today
  3. why your mental health is more important than your job
  4. key lessons Shian  has learned about running a business in the short time that she has been an entrepreneur
  5. the importance of mentorship
  6. what lessons Shian has learned from running her business that she can apply in her personal life
  7. when we said “bring it“, what exactly do we mean

Are you thinking about stepping out into running your own business? Shian has a step-by-step strategy that she shares on what she did and some suggestions she has for you. She shares about marketing, social media, planning, and more.



Shian’s Details

Shian Gurrell, Managing Director

Gurrell’s Tutoring Services

Gurrell’s Tutoring Services offers private tutorial sessions in core academic areas to children and adults inclusive of those with learning disabilities.



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