Spend time on your life plan, not just your lesson plan.


In this video, I share my story of all the struggles I had to deal with as a full-time classroom teacher while watching all my dreams fade as the years passed by.  I made a decision in 2017 to pursue my dreams and live the best version of me instead of being constantly tired and miserable doing school work. I understand the struggles you have with following your dreams too so spend some time creating the plan for the life that you really want.

Start by

  • writing down all the dreams that you’ve had that you’ve been sidelining then
  • pick one and create a plan around fulfilling that dream then
  • find out who are the people you need to connect with, the amount of money you need, and what you need to learn in order to make that dream a reality.

Spend time on your life plan and not just your lesson plan.


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