She is definitely NOT the most tech-savvy person in the world but she has published 2 children’s books in multiple languages all while holding down a full-time teaching job. She is the true definition of a boss teacher. Greta Alves- Malcolm tells of her terrible experience with her school supervisor and how it became the main motivation behind her writing her first children’s book – I’m Smart After All. She has since published Abbey – Love Without a Cause and has a bedtime story and other manuscripts in the making.



How did she do it?

Despite the huge learning curve and lots of patience, Greta says it was all worth it.

There was a huge learning curve that she had to overcome. There were critical connections that she had to make. She hired help to edit, illustrate and publish her children’s book.

Does she have any tips for us?

Absolutely! She shares many of the new experiences that she had to adjust to, the different things she learned at each stage of publishing and the difference between writing text for publishing versus writing for the classroom.

Want to know how you can publish your own children’s book?

Greta gives us step-by-step exactly what to do to get it done! She even willing to share the editor, illustrator and publisher that she uses to get her books to market.

You definitely want to hear her best tips for writing your own children’s books.

You can purchase her books on Amazon as a hard copy of an ebook. She also has actual books at outlets in Jamaica as well as the Cayman Islands.


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