This is my first ever Online Course Income Report and I didn’t realize how significant this was until I actually started typing.

You see, It’s been two full years since my last official day as a classroom teacher. I resigned at the end of the school year in 2018.  My teaching salary, at that time, was equivalent to US $430 per month. I didn’t officially start my business until November of that year but my goal was always to surpass my last teaching income purely from my business. I realized that goal earlier in 2020.

In June 2020, I challenged myself to make at least $1,000 and I did it and thought I’d share with you how. The objective in this online course income report is NOT to show you every single detail of how much I earn in my business, instead, I will show you details of how much I earn WITH ONLINE COURSES.

I have other services that I currently offer, whose income will NOT be covered in this report simply because it would require a lot more effort on my part to put that information together for you and I’m reserving that effort for the tax collector. lol Maybe someday in the future, I will consider it when I have a team to help me do this. But until then, I’ll just share with you how much I made from my online courses ONLY.

NOTE: The following Online Course Income Report details how much I made from selling online courses (only), the strategies I used to generate that income and my thoughts on the whole process. So here goes…


I sold 5 courses at $150 totalling $750

I sold two courses on a 2-month payment plan totalling $166

I sold one course on a 3-month of payment plan totalling $57

I sold one course ebook at $7

Grand Total: US $980

I only promoted one course during the month of June, Course Vault, most of my sales came from that course. Learn more about Course Vault below.

There are different payment amounts registered for each course. This is because I offered both payment plans and payment options.

Payment Plans

Pay $57 for 3 months  or

Pay $83 for 2 months or

Pay $150 full price

By giving the customer payment plans, the customer sees the price of the course affordable.  I also included a few bonuses as an incentive for those students who paid full price.

Payment Options

I generally collect payments through Paypal. However if a customer finds it more convenient, they can choose to pay via local Bank transfer, which is exactly what some of my customers did. By providing my customers with these options, I made it an easy decision for them to invest in the course.


I promoted the course the best way I know how. I love being on camera and the teacher in me thrives when I’m in front of an audience so hosting a webinar was the most natural method to use for me.

I selected 4 topics from the content of the course and each Thursday night, in the month of June, I hosted a free live webinar on Zoom to teach one of the topics. I referenced Course Vault throughout the webinar and at the end of each webinar, I also pitched the course to the attendees again.

After the webinar had ended, I sent an email with the replay video along with a reminder to purchase the course. I also sent additional emails during the week to remind my audience why this course would be beneficial to them. I did this every week for the entire month of June. This resulted in eight sales.

What will I do with the money?

I’ve paid my bills of course! There are expenses associated with running my business so those were taking care of. I’ve also already invested back into my business. I am my business greatest asset and until I can hire full-time help, I will continue to invest in myself so I can offer you more value. This is not profit. This is not fun money. This goes right back into growing the Boss Teacher brand. This leads me to lesson #1.


Lesson #1: 

When you make money in your business, don’t just spend it on nice things for your enjoyment – especially if it’s a new business. If you really want your business to flourish, even more, spend that money right back into your business.

Lesson #2:

I’m making major tweaks to the webinar strategy that I used to promote the first cohort for Course Vault. The next time around the process will be executed a bit differently. I saw many opportunities for the process to be simpler and more efficient. I’m all about simplicity so my next course launch will be just that.

I’m going into greater details how I was able to execute this strategy and pull in US $1k in this webinar.

✏️Join me

✏️Learn the strategies

✏️Implement in your own course business and

✏️Make that money.




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