“We don’t live by feeling, we live by reasoning.” – Murna Plummer


It’s drama class time! You’ll hear exactly what that means in the podcast.

She is the Skin Care Engineer and lecturer and she is making boss moves in the beauty industry. Dianne Plummer, Founder, and CEO of True Shade Cosmetics has too many accolades behind her name to mention here. #sheisboss

Making Boss Moves in the Beauty Industry Boss teacher Julia O Barnes

As a university lecturer, her lectures are male-dominated so she has to come up with creative ways to address some of the funniest things that happen to her during her lectures. Even though she has been lecturing since 2014, she still looks up to her own boss teacher mom who has been in the elementary classroom for many years.

She discovered her beauty skills out of a need while living in a country with predominantly light-skinned people and finding it difficult to source makeup for herself during that time. Dianne shares with us that story, exactly how she got started, some major tips on how she was able to get her first customers, her secret weapon to stand out in a saturated industry and how you can do the same. She even has a creative authentic assessment strategy that she uses to hire team members.

Have you ever said to yourself, I don’t have any time to do anything else other than teaching? Well, Dianne has some critical advice for you. Starting a new business is hard enough but at the same time, she was in the early stages of starting her new job as a lecturer. I guarantee you will find her advice helpful.

Are you an Introvert? Do you hate networking? Then you need to listen to how you can get into “drama time” mode.

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Dianne’s Details

Making Boss Moves in the Beauty Industry Boss teacher Julia O Barnes

Dianne Plummer

Founder, and CEO of Your True Shade


Natural Cosmetics line that focuses on enhancing beauty without compromising health



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