Regina Moffett is the Faith Filled Teacher who is Integrating faith, career, and blogging Into business. Her mission is to empower teachers to use their faith to excel in and out of the classroom.

Even though she knew from a very early age that she wanted to be a teacher, she has also always known that she would not be a classroom teacher forever. She got bit with the entrepreneurial bug and in just over a year, Regina has taken her mission from an idea to being a full-time blogger attracting an audience from all over the world.

Building the Faith Filled Teacher business has taught Regina a lot about running an online business. She shares all the things she has learned in the process in the podcast. She touches on everything like

  • the website building process
  • the importance of social media
  • email marketing, branding
  • the importance of investing in learning to improve how you execute your business
  • networking
  • what to do to get over fear
  • finding her voice
  • and so much more…

Regina does all this while still working a full-time job, caring for her child and showing up for her church duties. She is not superwoman, She has simply learned how to manage her time well. She shares her strategies for that as well.


Regina’s Details

Regina Moffett, Blogger

The Faith-filled Teacher

The Faith-filled Teacher is a community where Christian educators can come learn how to grow in their faith and use their faith to inspire excellence in their instruction.

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