“A teacher is always a teacher” – Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

Daniela Started her career as a teacher teaching English as a Foreign Language in Brazil and then in the United Kingdon. Her career evolved into something slightly different over the years. She is a writer, blogger, website designer, and online business mentor. Even though she no longer teaches in the traditional classroom, she still considers herself a teacher – “A teacher is always a teacher” she explains.

As an entrepreneur teacher, Daniela teaches us a few important things about how to become an entrepreneur teacher. She teaches

  • how she used her experience to learn many skills that she uses in her business today and people even pay her to teach them those skills
  • how she made the time to build her current business even while working a full-time job
  • how mindful and effective planning can drastically catapult your business
  • how teachers can easily find content and author a book
  • how teachers can repurpose that content for other media

The principle of the 1% is something both Daniela and I agree on. She shares how she has used that principle over the years to build her business and how you can do the same.

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 How to Become an Entrepreneur Teacher

Daniela’s Details

Daniela Pesconi-Arthur, Branding Strategist and Web Designer

Dani Pesconi-Arthur Branding & Web Design

I help female entrepreneurs, teachers, and writers build a beautiful brand and website


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