Did Sally Ann just tell a student to pull up his pants?!

Pull out your pen and paper because Sally Ann not only shares her story but she drops some serious knowledge bombs that you are going to want to take note of.

Sally Ann is a trained Special Educator. She taught in the deaf community as well as teaching special education in the United States teaching to self-contained high school students as well as in the resource centers. She has served as a curriculum developer, head of department, school inspector, education consult and Head of School and Programmes Director.

Sally Ann’s feeling of “there has got to be more to life than this” kept driving her desire to take the leap of faith and step out as a speaker. She believes coaching helps to shorten the learning curve for others and with having a mantra that says “As I grow, I grow others”, the ‘I Must Speak Academy’ was birthed to coach emerging speakers to help them package their story in such a way that they can share it with power and passion and empower others.

She shares the story of how she was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., mentored by Les Brown and made the decision that ‘next year this time, I’m not going to be in the classroom teaching but on a stage speaking!’ and that is exactly what happened.



Her transition from the classroom to the stage wasn’t easy but was necessary. She had to learn, stretch herself and do whatever was morally necessary for her to grow. She sat in the learner’s seat and was coached to the place she is today.

Sally Ann has also authored 2 books. She shares how, being a writer from a very young age, but not knowing that she had anything of value to share, she finally had the revelation of what she could share with the world.

Leaving the classroom has given Sally Ann a different level of fulfillment as she builds a legacy for her children, build a better income stream, a greater level of fulfillment and fulfillment that she gets from what she is doing now. She even gives us a simple business that teachers can start with today! She also has advice for teachers who are happy with being in the classroom but still want to generate an additional stream of income.

She ends with five major tips on how you can step out as a speaker. The most important of which is to start. Start speaking so that people can recognize and acknowledge you as a speaker and hire and rehire you.


Guest Details

SallyAnn Gray

Founder & Executive Director of Global Speakers


Global Speakers trains and develops emerging speakers and positions them for the global speaking space.


Facebook and Instagram @sallyannspeaks


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