Julia Barnes shares her story of how she moved from being a full-time class teacher to Boss Teacher and producing the Boss Teacher podcast.



In the Beginning

In this episode, I share with you the genesis of the Boss Teacher podcast and how you can become apart of the boss teacher movement. I begin by setting the stage with one of the funniest memories I’ve had in the classroom and it has something to do with underwear! 😀

I decided to become a teacher from as early as 9 years old while living in Jamaica. I made my first attempt to teach Home Economics straight out of high school.


College Dropout

A college dropout without any teaching credentials and 10 years later, I had taught high school, early childhood, and primary age students. I even taught adults online and worked in corporate Jamaica in HR for a short period. My favorite group to teach still remains an early childhood level! I love, love, love the little tots running around and calling out “Miss Barnes!”


I Quit

So why did I decide to quit my job as a full-time classroom teacher? Lesson planning, paper marking, and a measly salary, of course! I also knew that I was not the kind of teacher that was going to stay in the classroom forever.

Armed with my diploma in Early Childhood Education where I graduated valedictorian, a First Class Honours Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I set out to discover how else I could make a big impact on the world. In those moments, I thought about you – the classroom teacher. I thought about

  • the many of you are migrating to different countries looking for better teaching opportunities
  • the many weekends you have lost because of lesson planning and paper marking
  • the many teachers who cannot afford basic health care for their family
  • teachers who have to bag groceries and hold down multiple jobs and crazy side hustles just to make ends meet
  • the teacher who feels like there is more to her than just being a classroom teacher and not sure how to express her other talents to the world

I discovered my voice in those moments and decided to use it to impact the lives of these the education system across the world hence this podcast was born.


Get Certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language with

Using my Voice

I am excited to share the experiences of various teachers from across the world to motivate you to be all that you can be and live a more fulfilled life. In the Boss Teacher podcast, you’ll get to listen to stories from teachers all across the world on how they found ways to move their career to the next level and live a more fulfilled life. Some of them have demanded promotions, others are teaching in non-traditional settings, some have started their own teaching businesses, and some have even left the classroom to pursue a completely different path. You can now listen to their stories, learn from them and take the next step to become your own boss teacher.


Comment Below

So I’m looking forward to sharing with you and I’m also looking forward to hearing your very own story of how you were inspired by this podcast to become a boss teacher. Leave a comment below and let me know.


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