1. How you can literally turn ANY topic into an online course
  2. KRESS Method to select your course topic (even if you don’t know what to teach)
    • Knowledge
    • Results
    • Expertise
    • Sellable Skill
    • Story
  3. How to make your course a reality with very little tech experience
  4. What are the bootstrap hype tools I use to create amazing experiences for my students
  5. 3 different unique methods to deliver your course
  6. How to still create your course even if you hate creating videos
  7. The ONLY thing you need to make your course stand out from the competition
  8. How you can sell your course even if you don’t have an audience using the OPA (Other People’s Audience) Method
  9. How to get students to pay for your course


Hi, I’, Julia and I’ve been creating courses for over 6 years. I’m excited about the fact that I get to go to sleep and wake up to payment notifications in my email telling me that I’ve made a new sale. Yes, a student went and bought my course while I was sleeping!

I want to teach you the same strategies that I am using so you can get the same results too. 

I want to teach you the same strategies that I am using so you can get the same results too. 

I’ve created courses for myself on various platforms across the internet as well as created courses for professionals and entrepreneurs across various niches.

After years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, I’ve been able to develop what I call the KRESS Method for deciding on a topic you can select for your course, especially if you have no idea what to teach. 

I’ve been featured in Jamaica’s most prestigious media (The Jamaica Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, CVM Television and Edge 105) for my work as Boss teacher with course creation and teacher entrepreneurship

I’ve been an educator and trainer delivering course content in the classroom and workshops since 2006

I bring years of expertise in both teaching and technology to you to teach you how to use what you know to build an online course that pays the bills.