Business Teacher Turns Tour Business Owner

She’s a little firebomb! She makes a powerful impact in the classroom and in business.

Sheena Taylor is one-third of Taylor Trio Tours a company started by her and her two sisters. She has been a business teacher for over 8 years and now also serves as a business lecturer.

From a business perspective, Sheena has both the knowledge and experience to effectively run a business with clients from all over the world.


What Sheena Shared in this podcast?
How Taylor Trio Tours started from a fun hobby
What they had to give up to make the business work
What they had to learn in order to make the business work
Which marketing platform works best in bringing in clients to her business
Practical ways that they apply in their marketing to keep attracting clients from all
How having the business is making a big impact on her classroom practice and vice versa

Peace of mind – -which teacher you know doesn’t want that? Sheena lets you know outright how she is able to accomplish that.

What’s your biggest excuse for not doing what you really want to do with your life? She has a remedy for you.

Listen to her expertise and let me know in the comments what was your biggest takeaway from this episode.


Giveaway Alert!

What is the tagline for Taylor Trio Tours? Listen to the episode and hear what you can win!!


Sheena’s Details

Sheena Taylor, Managing Director

Taylor Trio Tours

The only family tour guide company, where service is delivered with that human touch and smile. Based in Jamaica, traveling with you to the world.

Email: for your tour booking

Instagram: @taylortriotours



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