Mrs. Venice Irving has been an educator for over 15 years even though she had no intention of teaching when she left college with a first degree in business. She is currently the CEO of Happy Teachers where she, has indeed turned many not so happy teachers into happy teachers. She does this by placing individuals all across the world and online to teach English as a Foreign Language.

She remembers her first days teaching English in Taiwan and because of the language barrier, she actually was telling her students that she is a mouse. Too funny!



She spent eight years in Taiwan and then she returned to Jamaica, many people asked her about how she was able to do it and as such her business was birthed. She began to place individuals in schools all across the world until the demand increased for individuals wanting to teach English online as well. From there she expanded and has been growing her business ever since, training, coaching and placing teachers to teach English overseas and online. Happy Teachers also trains teachers, corporate workers, and expatriates in cross-cultural communication.

She has always had dreams of working outside of the classroom even while she was teaching. She was making preparations to get a job in the business field in which she had studied. She never landed a corporate job but instead, people kept on coming to her for placement in the TEFL industry. She stayed in the teaching industry and has been helping to place teachers ever since.


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As a teacher who always knew she was never going to stay her entire career in the classroom, Venice give us great tips on how to transition from the classroom into a new career or even a different career into the teaching or education industry. She has something for you if your heart is into starting a new business. She emphasizes the importance of mentorship, branding as well as educating yourself in business practices if you intend to transition to running a business.

Leaving the classroom has helped Venice to have more time available, manage her personal life better, be more financially stable and overall experience a better quality of life.


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Venice Irving

CEO, Happy Teachers

Happy Teachers is a cross-cultural communications firm that specializes in language and global skills acquisition and business skills.


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