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Too old to start building wealth!


When is it too old to start building wealth? Wanna know—→ watch this video Start building wealth with me when you begin your journey to [...]

Too old to start building wealth!2021-09-29T11:09:50-05:00

Could you already be living your purpose?!


What if I told you you were already living on purpose...would you believe me. Watch this video then... Let me help you rekindle that childhood [...]

Could you already be living your purpose?!2021-09-29T10:34:30-05:00

I Discovered my Life Purpose at 33


I quit my dream job to go after the life of my dreams. * What's my story? * How did I do it? Learn the [...]

I Discovered my Life Purpose at 332021-09-14T18:55:53-05:00

Cure Your Nastiest Habit


I've had a really nasty 🤢🤮habit for as long as I can remember. I've been embarrassed🙈 about it for as long as I can remember [...]

Cure Your Nastiest Habit2021-09-02T20:12:34-05:00

Sell To Their Selfishness


Never try to sell your pretty product and expect people to just buy. Do this instead. Go to thebossteacher.com to learn how to turn your [...]

Sell To Their Selfishness2021-08-27T16:38:43-05:00

Why Wait!!!!


Waiting until you complete your course to launch your business? Waiting until you perfect your course before you start selling? Waiting until all the stars [...]

Why Wait!!!!2021-08-27T16:34:58-05:00

How to build a side hustle to finance your dreams


I was a banana hustler, coconut jewellery maker, electronics dealer, worked as a freelancer and so much more over the past 13 years.... I didn't [...]

How to build a side hustle to finance your dreams2021-08-23T14:26:20-05:00

Bloom wherever you reside


Ooh the troubles I've had to navigate as a Caribbean entrepreneur  trying to build a business outside the United States (US). It doesn't matter how [...]

Bloom wherever you reside2021-08-23T14:15:21-05:00