ABOUT JULIA         


More commonly known as the Boss Teacher, Julia O. Barnes lives by the philosophy

There’s always someone who needs the knowledge that you can give; don’t keep what you’ve learned to yourself.”

Julia has worked as a classroom teacher from as early as 2006 at both the secondary and early childhood levels. She exudes a spirit of excellence in her profession so much that she was able to stand as the four-year group leader and valedictorian for her class in her studies to become a trained and certified teacher. In addition, Julia has attained a first-class honors bachelor degree in Early Childhood education, capping awards in multiple core subjects.  

More recently, Julia has emerged as a ‘teacherpreneur‘ as the founder of Barnes Teacher and Technology Services.  This is an independent education development company that uses modern technology to transform the teaching and learning experience both in and outside of the classroom.

As part of her mandate, Julia has been impacting change in Jamaica through

  • Education technology training
  • Online business coaching
  • Inspirational speaking
  • Organizing the inaugural staging of the Boss Teacher Summit in Kingston in July 2019
  • Writing her debut book – Think it, Teach it, Sell it – a blueprint for creating online courses and making money selling them

The Journey

When Julia started teachers’ college in 2010, she had very little knowledge about online business but after giving up her corporate job to go after her dream of becoming a teacher, she had to find a way to generate some kind of income. Little did she know that her passion for teaching would merge with her new-found love for online business to take her career way beyond the classroom.

She Started to Evolve

She build her first official website from scratch with no prior coding knowledge or experience. It was her medium to share all that she had been learning about freelancing and online business with whoever would listen. Soon after,  she began to receive inquiries about her exact processes and strategies to win projects and conducts business with clients from all over the world. From that, her first online course was born.

Her First Online Course

In 2014, she launched her first online course on the topic of freelancing. She enrolled 6 students initially and went ahead to host courses on her own website and publishing the course content via Youtube Live. Her course was called Online Income Bootcamp. She hosted live classes with her students for 6 weeks, teaching them everything they needed to know about freelancing online.  She delivered live classes,  sent PDF worksheets, supplied additional content through website links, published additional videos and provided real-time feedback on actual assignments. That experience proved to her that she did not have to confine her teaching expertise to the classroom but she could comfortably extend herself to teach in other areas as well.

Boss Teacher

From her first official website to her first online cohort of students to becoming Boss Teacher; This is her happy place. This is her new home on the internet. This is where she merges her infinite love for teaching with her passion for technology and online business to give you the most practical tools and strategies to help you create your online course and profit from selling them.