So you have an idea you want to use to build a website but you’re by no means a techie.

Since you’re new to all this you might not even be able to afford to hire a ‘tech guy’ to get things done for you. These tech guys can actually cost US$4,000 on average. Where the heck are you going to get that kind of money?

You don’t have to! 🙂

What if you could spend significantly less than that amount and still have a professional and smashing website for your blog or business!


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When I started exploring how to earn a living online back in 2011, I had no clue how to get things done myself. I had no money and even if I did, I wouldn’t have any idea of what I wanted. I was clueless.

During that period, I invested a lot of time educating myself about the technical aspects of building an online business, building websites from scratch and all the major integrations required to run a fully functional website. Not to mention building this website myself and three others before it. Because of the time I took to learn how to run my own online business, I proudly wear the title of little miss “techie” today.


For you, there will be a learning curve involved in setting up your website especially if you want to immerse yourself in understanding how everything works. This is something you must do in the beginning stages when don’t have the resources to outsource these tasks. If you do have the resources to outsource these tasks, you still need to make an effort to learn what it really takes to maintain your website.

It takes specific tools and the right resources in order to build and maintain a fully functional and efficient website.  You also need to know what to avoid doing so you don’t make the same mistakes others did in the past.



This is very basic but I will not take it for granted that you already know this information.

I mentioned in anther blog post, How to Build an Online Business – For Beginners, a list of very basic things you need to start making money online. These same tools are relevant to building a website. Let me share those with you.

  1. Time – You will need to invest some time not only to learn how to build but you will also need even more time to implement the things that you have learnt.
  2. An email address
    • You can use your current email address or
    • you can go to gmail.com and register for a free email address that you specifically use for working online or
    • you can create an email address associated with your website domain eg. yourname@yourwebsite.com (julia@juliaobarnes.com), which you will use strictly for business.
  3. A computer – Think of this as your shop or store if you were running a brick and mortar business. You will definitely need your own computer so you can make adjustments to your website at any time.
  4. Unlimited access to the internet – You may need to update your website or change an aspect of it on your own. Without the internet you have no access. This gives you the ability to have full access to your website from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.



Your website will be your home online or the base from which you operate. The good news is that building a website these days is faaaaar less complicated than it used to be a decade ago. For the non-techie you can literally build a professionally looking website with just a few clicks of a mouse – no coding required.

You can code your way to a pretty awesome and unique looking website but if you’re not that technical, here’s what you will need.



  1.   Domain name:

The domain name is basically your website address. www.juliaobarnes.com or www.abc.xyz are examples of domain names.

You can get domain names from Namecheap or HostGator

cupão-namecheap (1)Namecheap –  This is where I purchase all my domains from.

host-gatorHostGator – If nothing else I love the customer service from HostGator. They were never frustrated with me when I asked silly non-techie questions. They held my hand through the entire process. Payment plans are flexible and they also offer monthly discounts for first time users.

  1. Web hosting:

In order for your site to be visible to the world, it needs to be hosted on a server. A lot of the technical aspects of your website are stored and retrieved from this server. You must purchase and install a hosting package in order for your website to go live on the internet.

You can get hosting packages from Namecheap and HostGator as well.

  1. Content Management:

A content management platform does as the name suggests – manages your content. This allows you to publish and edit blog posts, create pages for your website, add various media, create links to other content on the internet and so much more. My favourite content management platform on the internet is WordPress.org.

wordpressorg (1)WordPress.org – Not to be confused with wordpress.com, this is the ultimate platform to build your website and manage your content especially if you have little or no IT/tech skills.

  1. Theme:

“A theme is a unified set of design elements and color schemes that you apply to your website to give it a consistent and attractive appearance. Using a theme is a quick and easy way to add interest to your website and give it a professional look.” (Source)

These elements can include

  • colours
  • graphic placements
  • styles such as fonts and headings
  • overall layout of your site
  • the type of navigation

A theme covers everything that has to do with the look and feel of your website. You can always change your theme or make adjustments to it if you don’t quite like how your website is looking. These are my two favourite places to get awesome themes.

WordPress.org – Both free and premium themes are available from the WordPress platform. Once you install your website on a hosting server, you will have and option in wordpress to select your theme.

themeforest-13a6de99a001d6ba0ff2164b33c9ac5e (1)Themeforest –They have the widest and best selection of themes on the internet to help you get the look you want on your website. This is my honest opinion after trying maybe more than 20 other platforms. The marketplace has tons of other digital products you can integrate on your site as well.

I’ve also collated a list of other optional resources that you can use to enhance your online business. They make your look good and your online business will run so much more efficient. Have a look at them here.



Click on the links and have a look at some of these tools.

Comment below and let me know what challenges you are having in building out your business website.

Waiting to help you.



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