Pre-Order your digital copy of the book Think It Teach It Sell It – a blueprint for creating and publishing courses online by the Boss Teacher, Julia O Barnes


CHAPTER 1 👉 The Backstory To How I Started Teaching Online

CHAPTER 2 👉 Why Do You Want To Teach Online? – a practical introspection to discover your motivation for wanting to teach

CHAPTER 3 👉 But I’m Not a Teacher – dispelling the myths that make you think you’re not qualified to teach

CHAPTER 4 👉 What Can You Teach Online – strategies, and activities to help you decide on a topic to create a course on

CHAPTER 5 👉 Where Can You Teach Online? – my favorite free, freemium and paid platforms to publish your course on

CHAPTER 6 👉 How Exactly Do You Teach Online? – teach live or teach recorded. What you need to put your course content together.

CHAPTER 7 👉 How To Get Students To Pay For Your Course – social media marketing strategies, sales platforms to collect payments and the importance of the 2 F’s (follow up and feedback)

CHAPTER 8 👉 Course Creation Tools

-A list of ALL the tools you need to create your first course without an email list or website

-30 day Course Creation Challenge to create your first course on Udemy