There’s always someone who needs the knowledge that you can give; don’t keep what you’ve learned to yourself.” – Julia O. Barnes


Julia Barnes has worked as a classroom teacher  at both the secondary and early childhood levels since 2006. She exudes a spirit of excellence in her profession so much that she was able to stand as the four-year group leader and valedictorian of her class in her studies to become a trained and certified teacher. In addition, Julia has attained a first-class honors bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education, capping awards in multiple core subjects. She is also certified by the British Council as a Digital Literacy Specialist.

Julia emerged as a teacherpreneur in 2018 and has earned the alias, Boss Teacher.  She runs an independent education development company, Barnes Teacher and Technology Services, that uses modern technology to transform the teaching and learning experience both in and outside of the classroom. She does this by  impacting change in Jamaica and online through the following

  • producing the Boss Teacher Podcast
  • managing an education technology blog
  • online course creation coaching
  • Boss Teacher (teacher entrepreneurship) workshops
  • digital literacy classroom strategies workshops
  • empowerment speaking

Your Speaker & Trainer

As your event speaker, Julia is capable of captivating your audience with her very presence. Her tenure as an educator has taught her to always deliver practical, engaging and impactful experiences to an audience.

Julia was born in poverty, grew with hate, hurt and physical abuse and suffered from low self-esteem which resulted in her being shy. She went from being a college dropout to valedictorian. Today, her transformation still amazes many, however, Julia is deliberate with being transparent about her journey and using it  to educate and inspire others.

Julia’s goal in every presentation and training session is to use her expertise and experiences to provide context for her message and suggest practical strategies that the audience can apply to impact change in their personal and professional endeavours.

Her areas of expertise include

  • Online course creation
  • Online business
  • Education technology classroom strategies
  • Teacher entrepreneurship


Julia is an excellent Teacher. She is very passionate about sharing her expertise in education, technology, and entrepreneurship. I admire her commitment and motivation. I highly recommend her training.

Sheri-Ann Alexander, Online Income Bliss

The best teacher podcast in the region

Jamellia Imani Blythe, CEO, High Flyer Educational Services




Julia Barnes Speaks at Evening of Empowerment

Julia Barness addressed the audience at the I Must Speak Evening of Empowerment in March 2019 on the topic “The Courage to Speak up for What You Want”. Her 20 minute presentation empowered the audience to speak up for their passion and purpose in order to experneience the life they dream of.