Many people who work or build a business online will smile when they talk about the kind of money that they make. But if you are new to making an income online, it will take you a little while to find your passion and get the hang of things before you can begin to build a steady, and hopefully growing stream of income.



So you make the decision to become a badass online. You follow the gurus; you watch their posts flare up with activity; you wish your Instagram feed look half as good as theirs and you watch them snap and tweet away all day.

You try to figure out what they could be doing to have so many follows and make so much money. Then you end up buying one of their courses and drooling over their every word. They are your idol. You attend every webinar, open every email, register for their next BIG conference, defend them before the naysayers and promote their work with passion.

But it’s been a few months and you haven’t made progress on your own. In fact, you’ve made nothing. Zero dollars. No money. So what the heck have you been doing all this time?

You feel lost. You haven’t found your passion online. You feel like you’ve wasted your time and money and the people closest to you are wondering if you are still thinking about continuing with this ‘online thing’. You welcome the thought of finding a job. With much hesitation you attended a few interviews because you are desperate to find a way to make some money or you will die.

No you won’t! I didn’t so you won’t either.



I started working online in 2014 as a freelancer and juggled between doing freelance work, having a part time online job and creating content for my blog.

Was I making money? Heck yes! But it was a hell of a lot of work. Waaaay more work than I was ever compensated for. I started a business and made a few dollars here and there selling courses and teaching people how to do stuff. But I was working too hard. I barely slept and never had time for my family.

The gurus said that I needed to set up systems. I took their advice and tried email marketing to automate my ‘business’ so I wouldn’t have to work so hard. The demands of sending out weekly emails got the better of me and I realized that I liked the thought of sending out weekly emails way more that I actually liked writing them. It was frustrating.

All this time I was watching my gurus. I watched their Facebook groups blew up. Everyone knew their names. They had a gazillion followers all over the world and they were the go-to people for all things online and all I kept thinking was

‘why’s that not happening to me?’

Two years in and I finally decided to learn from my gurus. I bought their premium course. I soaked up what I didn’t already know and was super motivated to become the internet’s next big thing. After a few months and making less than US$500. I felt like a failure.



Right at the point when I took a step back and finally started to put my 21 Day Success Plan into action I got a major blow. My health got the better of me.

It took me over three months before I was able to sit around my computer to do any kind of work again. The thing about being the head cook and bottle washer in an sole proprietor online business is that if anything happens to you, you literally have to put the business on pause until you are back on your feet again.

2 years and 1 month after I first made any kind of money online, I was right back where I started. I felt lost. I felt like I had wasted a lot of time and money and the people closest to me were beginning to wonder if I was still doing this ‘online thing’. I was down and depressed so I started looking for work.  I scraped through the local newspaper and applied for a few jobs. It was one of the few things that got me excited at the time.

I received a few calls but by then I had already started to regret that decision. It was summer. School was out; teachers were on break but the admin staff was still at work and I was being interviewed for an admin post. As I sat in the lobby that Thursday morning waiting to be interviewed, I began to think back at the many hours I sat at my own computer at home doing my own thing, not having to worry about waking up early to get to work the next morning or when I’m going to get vacation leave.  That was when I began to miss my online business.



I called the office on Monday morning to confirm if they had gotten my email that I was not accepting their offer then I sat around my computer and started to write this piece.  Words spilled from my fingers like never before. It was the easiest article I had ever written in all my life. It came straight from my soul. It was me, being real, genuine and transparent.

I’ve since embraced the thought even more that everything doesn’t have to be scripted. You don’t have to look like everybody else or the gurus. You don’t have to write a perfect blog post.  You just need to be you and people will see the genuineness in you and what you have to offer.

You shouldn’t edit out everything. The rest of the world already is and it’s hard for an audience to tell what’s real from what’s fake online. Make it easy for your audience to align with your passion. Your passion comes from your soul and that’s something you cannot fake. It’s hard to turn away from something that you are passionate about.

I am passionate about teaching the world and changing the face of education. I am a teacher at heart. I still haven’t quite figured out exactly how to translate my passion online. All I know is, I love to teach. Someday soon ill figure it out but until then I’ll share with you the knowledge that I have and hope that it helps you in some way

When you find your passion, treasure it because most people go through life without ever finding out. When you can take that passion and turn it into profits online then you would have made life so much simpler for yourself.

If you are like me and haven’t figured out how to translate what you want to do online, start with being genuine and real about who you are and the right kind of people will follow you and spend their money with you.

If you have a story to share about how you found your passion project/business online, connect with me and let me know. I want to share more stories like this to inspire more people like you. Send me a message on Facebook or Drop me an email at ‘hello at juliaobarnes dot com’ or and let’s help some more people discover their passion online.


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