One of the biggest ways to make visitors fall in love and keep coming back to your website is to have fresh content published on a regular basis. This can be every day, every week, every month or whatever suites your audience. One huge challenge bloggers face is having enough content ideas to write new posts and publish to their blogs to keep up with the demand.

You might want to consider creating a content calendar with a schedule like this

  • A list of blog topic ideas
  • The due date you want to complete writing each post
  • The date you want to publish each new blog post
  • When you want to create a broadcast to share the post with your subscribers
  • How you are going to promote each post on social media and other platforms and
  • When you will respond to comments on posts

But all of that is impossible if you have zero or very little content ideas to start with. So here are the top 12 ways I use to find ideas for my blog.

  1. Brainstorm a list of ideas that are unique to your niche. This is the easiest method but probably the one that will give you the least amount of results. Eve though brainstorming might not give you a ton of ideas, it is worth doing anyway because you know your niche well enough to know what content is great to write about.
  1. Search Amazon Kindle for keywords within your niche. Eg. “kickboxing”. Select the top selling book from the results. Click to preview or look inside the book. Scroll until you find the Table of Contents. Use the topics in the table of contents as ideas for your blog. Repeat this for as many top-selling books as you like.
  1. Amazon reviews are great for finding content ideas for your online business too. This may take some time but go through the 1, 2 and 3 star reviews on the top selling books in your niche. Pay attention to what reviewers say the book is lacking. Create content around those key areas for your audience.
  1. Do you have an email list? Add an email to your auto responder series that asks your subscribers about the ONE THING they are struggling with. Copy and paste their responses in your spreadsheet.
  1. Do you manage a Facebook group or any social media page/profile for your online business? Ask your audience what they want to learn about. Create a spreadsheet and paste their responses in it. Overtime, that list will keep growing and you will never run out of content ideas
  1. Are you a member of other Facebook groups in your niche? If not, you should be. Join a few of these groups and randomly or strategically watch the conversations that occur in these groups. See which “pain points” gets the most comments in the groups you are a member of. Add those topics to your spreadsheet of content ideas for your online business. You can even use some of the comment responses as inspiration for talking points in the body of your blog.
  1. What content is integral to a process in your niche that people aren’t talking about? Use it to create aha moments for your readers.
  1. Write a review for a product/service you are currently using and love J or used and hate L.
  1. Use Buzzsumo to find out what content is being shared the most and create a similar content for you audience.
  1. Google the top ten websites in your niche eg. “top ten kickboxing website”. Visit each of their blogs and look for the “popular post” category on the sidebar. Look at the content for each of the most popular posts on the website and create a similar content for you audience.
  1. Follows podcasts in your niche to find out what topics others are podcasting about. You can use these topics to create your own content.
  1. Share your experiences. I started out very early sharing my experiences on my blog. Your audience love to connect with you on a personal level so don’t be afraid to share your milestones, failures, successes and lessons learnt with them.

There are probably a hundred more ways to find content ideas for your online business but these are my favourite of all. And my most favourite is to find out exactly what your audience wants and give it to them.

The best way I get this done is through email. Every new subscriber gets this one email from me asking them exactly what they need me to help them with.

I’m giving you an exact copy of that email so you can tweak and customize it for your audience… and I’ll help you with that too.


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