• Do you hate writing lesson plans?
  • Do you feel like you never get paid enough?
  • Do you never get enough sleep during the school year?
  • Have you ever thought of quitting teaching?
  • Do you know a teacher who hates their job? Or is that you?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! I’ve had all those feelings too.

HI, I’m Julia and I’m a former classroom teacher.

I love every one of my students and I hated that I had to leave them but being a teacher did not allow me to live my best life and enjoy my own children at home.

The truth is, you can live your best life while teaching or doing other things that you fully enjoy.

Let me show you how!

Over the past few years, while working online, I’ve discovered plenty of things that teachers can do besides a teaching job. I’ve put together a list for you. Many of them I’ve done and others were recommended to me by other teachers.

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“Julia is an excellent Teacher. She is very passionate about sharing her expertise in education, technology, and entrepreneurship. I admire her commitment and motivation. I highly recommend her Masterclass.”

Sheri-Ann Alexander, Online Income Bliss